Care your Nokia
with Nokia Care

Manage and Organize your Nokia with Nokia Care

Why Nokia Care?

  • Reliable and Secure Connection

    Nokia care suite is the official application which Nokia (Now Microsoft) recommands to connect any Nokia or Microsoft phone with a personal computer. There are tons of third party applications, but most of the applications are not trustworthy. If you love your phone, choose Nokia Care Suite.

  • Official software updates

    Nokia Care suite allows you to directly download official firmware updates and OS updates to your phone through your personal computer. It is very easy to use since you dont need to worry about the data plan or battery life of your mobile.

  • 24x7 Customer Support

    Nokia Care gives you 24x7x365 customer support with the product and feature upgrades. Microsoft's customer care agents are ready to support you at any time. Just make a call or drop a line for instant customer support.

  • Tons of features and easy to use

    Nokia Care allows users to manage and orgnaize nokia phones in an easy way without making a mess. Try the best pc suite for Nokia, Nokia Care today

Why nokia care is unique?

Works on any platform

It is the official application for Nokia / Microsoft phones and it supports most of the major operating systems such as Windows, Mac, Linux etc.. You can freely download it and instal for free. It is a freeware application which does not cost you even a single cent.

No third party dependacies

If you have your phone and data cable with you, you are ready to manage your phone, you just need to install nokia care on your computer. The software will guide you how to manage your Nokia / Microsoft phone

Access files from anyware in the world

You can backup your files and applications to cloud and access from anywhere in the world. It is really cool to use Microsoft's onedrive with your nokia. There are other cloud solutions such as Google drive, dropbox also available freely.

Backup your important data

Nokia care specially cares about your most important data such as contacts, emails, calander events, images and applications by backing up them into the pc/ to any other location in the internet. You can recover within a few minutes after a failure by using the backups.

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